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Container Ship

Quality Policy Statement 

MSC.402 (96) Requirements for Maintenance, Examination, Testing, Overhaul, & Repair of Lifeboats, Rescue Boats, Launching Appliances, and Release Gear

MSC/Circ.1047 Guidelines for Monthly Shipboard Inspection of Immersion & Anti-Exposure Suits by Ships' Crews

MSC/Circ.1114 Guidelines for Periodic Testing of Immersion & Anti-Exposure Suit Seams & Closures

MSC.1/Circ.1205 Guidelines for Developing Operation & Maintenance Manuals for Lifeboat Systems

MSC.1/Circ. 1392 Guidelines For Evaluations & Replacement of Lifeboat Release & Retrieval Systems

MSC.1/CIRC.1584 Amendments to the Guidelines for Evaluation & Replacement of Lifeboat Release & Retrieval Systems (<SC.1/CIRC 1392)

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